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A Masterpiece In Incoherence...

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Movie Reviews Of The *Horror/Monster/Cult* Variety
This Community Is Dedicated To The Reviews Of Movies Of The Horror/Monster/Cult Variety!

Feel free to join and address issues of recent or even past movies that either peaked your interest or horrified you to the core of your existence! Speak Freely! All Topics Are Open For Debate Or Discussion!

Let's Begin...

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I Think It's About Time To Start Establishing Some Rules...

Community Rules:

1. You Can Review Any Movie You Want... Well, as long as it falls within The Horror/Monster/Cult Movie Realm...
2. As Side-Note To Rule 1. -This Means You Can Review ANY Movie, Even if someone else has already reviewed it in The Community! (*I Mean, That's What This Community Is About Anyway! Discussion Of Good/Bad Movies!*)
3. Also, You Can Review Older Movies... It Doesn't Matter When They Were Made, However More Recent Movies Are Appreciated!
4. Pictures Are Allowed, Even Encouraged!!! -As long as they don't spoil movies... If the pictures would spoil something they should be placed behind a Lj-cut!
5. Having Stated All Of That: As With Any Community... All-Out-War Between Member's Is Not Allowed! -Offending Member's are subject to deletion of their posts and altogether removal from the Community!
6. While Opinions are Highly Encouraged, Nasty Comments about Other Member's and their opinions are Not Allowed and the Offending Member's will be subject to the rules above relating to Deleting Comments and Removal from the Community.
7. As Moderator I Reserve The Right to delete posts or remove members if I deem the action necessary.
8. AND IF I Think Of Anything Else I'll Revise The Rules Later...

But For Now! Come On People! REVIEW!?!
(*We Need To Jump-Start This Community People!*)